A Look Inside Juice Sauz: Flavour Creation with Alex Bennett

In our second instalment of our a look inside Juice Sauz series, we’re taking a deep dive into flavour creation, and how we come up with new blends and e-liquid collections. We’ve been manufacturing vape juice for around 6 years, and we’ve created a variety of popular ranges, including V4POUR, Drifter and Over The Border. 

There’s a lot to think about when we’re creating new e-liquid brands. How do we come up with new e-liquid flavours? What do we consider when we’re thinking about concentration combinations? We sat down with our resident mixologist and flavour developer, Alex Bennett, to explain the process. 

What do you need to consider when creating new e-liquid recipes?

The process usually starts with a request for a bespoke flavour from an OEM customer, or a new project from our in-house product development team. Customers often ask us to replicate their favourite drink, sweet or dessert, but sometimes it can be a completely new combination.

We then work with companies that produce flavours specifically for vaping, dealing with the vape industry’s leading flavourists who work exclusively with vape safe flavourings rather than off the shelf food flavourings. 

We’ll take the flavour concentrates which they have produced and, if necessary, blend them with flavour enhancers or sweeteners to give it that unique twist, it all depends on what we’re trying to create. 

A lot of trial and error then begins, where we test out different PG/VG and concentrate ratios to see what works well. It will often require a number of revisions before we get to the stage where we’ve created a product we are 100% satisfied with.

We have honed the process by drawing on our knowledge of what’s worked well and what’s flopped in the past, so it’s become a much quicker process over the years as we’ve now got a lot of experience to base any new combinations on. 

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about creating their own vape juice?

Go with a reputable, experienced supplier and make sure it’s safe to vape. Your e-liquid won’t be marketable if you don’t use high-quality raw ingredients, and you’ll run the risk of it failing the necessary tests before it hits the shelves. 

If you want your vape juice to taste good and sell, you need to start with a strong foundation that uses only the best flavourings, VG & PG. If it’s not safe and doesn’t taste good, then you won’t get anywhere. 

What’s your favourite flavour combination you’ve created? 

Lush is still one of my favourites. It’s one of the first e-liquids I made way back in 2015, blending the flavour of fresh strawberries with cream with a few secret tweaks. Over the last six years we’ve occasionally stopped producing it, but it’s proven to be a really popular dessert shortfill that our customers keep asking for. It also does really well in our retail stores, especially in summer around Wimbledon season. 

If you think you’ve got a great idea for a new e-liquid collection, get in touch to find out how we can help you make it a reality! We can support you with everything from flavour creation and manufacturing to brand design and marketing. Give us a call on 01522 581554 or email wholesale@juicesauz.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
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