Get ready for No Smoking Day

The 9th of March is No Smoking Day, so it’s time to start preparing your shop for an influx of new customers hoping to quit smoking. To help them successfully make the switch to vaping, you’ll need a good selection of basic e-liquids and easy-to-use starter kits, amongst other things. Here’s our top tips to help you get ready for No Smoking Day. 

Offer a good selection a vape starter kits

The first thing your new customers will need is a reliable, simple-to-use starter kit. They might also want to start with disposables, as they’re ready to use straight out of the box and don’t require any setup. 

Disposable vapes don’t offer the best value for money though in the long run, so we recommend pushing your starter kits instead. Basic MTL kits also offer more flexibility in terms of e-liquid flavour and strength, which helps to ensure a successful switch to vaping. 

Pen style kits

Pen style vape kits are a great option for ex-smokers as they replicate the feeling of holding and smoking a cigarette. They also usually come with fairly big batteries, giving your customers enough power to last them through a full day of vaping. 

The sleek and simple design of a vape pen kit makes them extremely portable and pocket-friendly, so they’re perfect for vaping on the move. Many use replaceable coils and are compatible with 60PG/40VG e-liquids, so you’ll probably want to offer some guidance on this. 

Pod style kits

Pod style vape kits are another great choice for new vapers, with many using replaceable pods with fitted coils. This helps make the process of switching a little easier because there’s no need to explain coils in depth. With pod kits, you simply replace the entire pod with a new one once the coil is burnt, so there’s no need to worry about resistance choice. 

There are also lots of pod vape kits that offer a range of features for anyone looking for something more advanced. Some pod kits offer both MTL and Sub-Ohm vaping, offering a more flexible vape experience for when your customers are ready for an upgrade. 

Refresh your 10ml e-liquid stock

To pair with their MTL starter kit, your customers will need some good-quality, delicious 10ml e-liquids. Their choice of e-liquid will depend on how much they used to smoke and whether they’d prefer a smoother or hasher inhale.

In terms of nicotine strengths, most ex-smokers usually start at 10mg or 12mg. This is a good level to try first as your customers can easily increase or decrease their nicotine level depending on their first experience. We recommend supplying a wide range of strengths so that you can support a range of new vapers, ranging from social to heavy smokers.  

Nicotine salts have become more sought after recently, offering a smoother inhale and higher nic strengths. They’re great for formerly heavy smokers who require the highest nicotine strength available but want to avoid the harsh throat hit. 

On the other hand, freebase nicotine 10mls deliver the throat hit that some ex-smokers enjoy, as it more closely resembles the sensation of smoking a cigarette. It’s all down to personal preference, but this is where your knowledge and advice will come into play. 

Our V4 VAPOUR collection is great for new and experienced vapers alike, delivering superior flavour and value for money. Available in over 50 flavours, each high-quality 10ml works seamlessly with MTL starter kits. 

Stock up on V4 VAPOUR Salts too, with over 20 super-smooth flavours to choose from. They're available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg, making V4 salts perfectly suited to heavier smokers or those looking to avoid a strong throat hit. 

Share your knowledge and personal experiences

Quitting smoking is a big decision, and most of the customers entering your store will have already heard and read lots of advice on quitting. There are a lot of inaccurate and misleading headlines out there surrounding vaping, so they’ll probably have lots of questions in terms of vape safety. 

As a vape shop team member, it’s a good idea to stay on top of any industry news and health updates so that you can best advise your customers. As well as our blog, the UKVIA is a great resource as they regularly post industry updates and regulatory information. The UK Government is also set to release their new tobacco Tobacco Control Plan soon, so keep an eye out for that. 


No Smoking Day is a key date in the vaping calendar, and we hope our top tips have helped you prepare for it. To get stocked up in time, you can shop online with us, or you can call us on 01522 581554 to place an order with our sales team, who'll be happy to advise you on our entire hardware and e-liquid offering. 

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