UK Vaping Industry Association

Juice Sauz is extremely proud to announce that we have joined the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) as a full member!

The UKVIA is the country's leading forum for supporting, developing and promoting the vaping industry. Compromising of some of the UK's most entrepreneurial and fastest-growing independent businesses, their main focus is to move towards a smokefree society.

As an e-liquid manufacturer, joining the UKVIA allows us to team up with like-minded industry leaders to promote a safe, regulated alternative to cigarettes. We understand the importance of public health, therefore joining the association allows us to emphasise the benefits of e-cigarettes and how these devices have enabled thousands of individuals to quit their smoking habit for good.

Following the recent media storm regarding the 'vaping related illnesses' in the USA, there is no better time than now for us to join the UKVIA. The association invests countless hours into research and education, committed to vaping safety, quality and harm reduction. 

Becoming members of the UKVIA allows us as a business to vote on democratic decisions that are in the best interests of the vaping industry as a whole. Here at Juice Sauz, customer safety and satisfaction is at the forefront of our business, and as members of the UKVIA, we are able to have a say in the future of the industry as well as current regulations and how these should be set out so every consumer can have access to safe products.

Juice Sauz Chief Executive, Liam Chapman, said:

"The UKVIA is recognised globally as an advocate for highlighting the benefits of e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. UKVIA have made tremendous headway in educating the consumer of the importance of switching to e-cigarettes as they continue to promote safe and sensible regulation.

Juice Sauz joined the UKVIA to ensure we, as a reputable manufacturing company, are at the forefront of the regulatory change, having our say in how our industry should develop and meet the needs of the end consumer, encouraging more cigarette users to convert to a safer alternative."

This is a huge step for us as a business within the vaping industry, and we are extremely excited for the future as UKVIA members. If you'd like to find out more about the association, please click here.

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