Juice Sauz's Expert Guide to Disposable Vapes

Disposable vape devices have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year. They are ideal for ex-smokers trying vaping for the first time, or experienced vapers looking for a portable solution for nights out or travelling. However, they’ve also been hitting headlines recently thanks to an influx of unsafe and unregulated illegal imports making their way into Britain.


In the UK, regulations state that disposable vape products can contain a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid and must not exceed 20mg nicotine strength. Many of the illegal imports recently seized in shop raids across the country have been found to contain as much as 50mg of nicotine and far more e-liquid than the legal limit. The other problem is that such imports could contain ingredients that are banned in this country, putting vapers at risk of developing serious health issues. 


Concerns over youth uptake have been discussed heavily since disposable vapes hit the market. Although there is not currently any evidence showing a rise in underage vaping, it’s definitely something that retailers need to be aware of. Following the Challenge 25 age verification strategy is a good way to ensure that you don’t unintentionally sell vape products to anyone under 18, and it’s something that trading standards are quickly clamping down on.


At Juice Sauz, we never stock or sell anything that is not MHRA registered and compliant with all TPD regulations. This means that you can be certain that everything you purchase from us is legal and suitable for sale, keeping both your customers and your business safe.


Take a look at our expert guide to disposable vape products below to find out more. 

Juice Sauz's Expert Guide to Disposable Vapes - pdf.

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