Disposable Vapes: Our take on the industry’s latest trend

Disposable e-cigarettes, or Cigalikes, have been around since the dawn of vaping. 

To begin with, they were the only vaping device available to ex-smokers, but as the industry grew, so did the hunger for more powerful, reliable and diverse devices. 

Fast forward to 2021, and disposable vape kits are back with a bang. This time though, they’re offering a lot more than their Cigalike predecessors, with a huge range of nic salt flavours to choose from and better quality batteries that’ll last all day. 

It’s no surprise then that disposable kits, like the Geekbar and the Vozal Bar 500, have become so popular. 

They’re a great first device for ex-smokers who are just beginning their vaping journey, as well as veteran vapers looking for something inexpensive, compact and simple to use on big nights out. 

They might be handy, but they’ve got one big problem - disposable vapes are extremely wasteful. 

The last thing we need right now is more plastic and battery waste heading to landfills, so it’s important that the vaping wholesale and retail community act now and take responsibility. 

In collaboration with our sister company, 888 Vapour, we’ve brought in a new recycling system for used disposables kits, rechargeable vapes and batteries. 

We’ve introduced new recycling bins to each of our stores, where our customers can pop in and drop off any unwanted or old devices rather than throwing them into their general waste at home. 

The bins will then be picked up on delivery and emptied as needed into our larger bins back at Juice Sauz HQ. They’ll then be taken away by our waste management partner to be recycled and responsibly disposed of. 

Where possible, vapers should still be encouraged to make the switch to rechargeable devices. Basic and inexpensive starter kits are now more accessible than ever, making it easier to entice customers to make the switch. 

If you’d like to learn more about our eco policies and the new recycling system, just drop us a line at 01522 581554 or email wholesale@juicesauz.co.uk

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